Friday, June 22, 2012

   Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary Hubby ! 

It feels like it happened to me yesterday itself when I was in Noida

May 2005, 9:00 am my phone was ringing and I was sleeping but the irritated call tune of "crying baby" forced me to look at the call. 

What the hell why this number is so long? It was the first international call on my phone :) 

 Me thinking of wrong number a lil bit in rude voice : hello, who's there? 

 It was you in polite way: hi, this is Nikunj from USA.

 Me: who's Nikunj

 You: actually our families are talking about our marriage and your dad gave me your number. 

Me: stood up on my bed in shocking position. 

Silence for a minute....

 You: I think you were sleeping. I'll call you later. 

 Me: ok fine. Hang up!

 Immediately called to my mom and I asked "why didn't you tell me earlier, that the guy is going to call me? I was sleeping and he called me now."

 Mom: Instead of answering my question she shouted " you still sleeping? Is this your summer training? " And then she was on and on till my last penny of balance in phone.

 I thought may be I messed up but being a good guy you called me on that weekend. 

 Then the movie started. Didn't realize when our week calls turned into daily calls. Your sincere voice,respect for girls and endless love for families impressed me always.

 And the movie climax "we fell into love" :) 

 Actually it was a love marriage, which was arranged by our families. 

Tons of thanx to them. 

 June,23,2006 we tied a knot and started our new journey of life. 

 Today is the 6th year of our wonderful journey or I can say today we added the 6th brick to our wall of love. 

 In these six years you have been a wonderful life partner, a supportive friend and a lovable husband, which forced me to fell in love with you again and again. 

 Thanks for being by my side in every circumstances and each situation. 

 The best part of our relationship is

 "We fight and we forget but We love and we remember"

 It's time to celebrate our achievements, our love and our journey with our beautiful angel (Navya) who is a precious gift of our immortal love.

 May god bless us always with love and good health. May Our love become more stronger and stable so one day we will build a castle of our love by adding bricks by bricks every year.

 Wish you a happy 6th wedding anniversary honey.

 "I Love You" more than these three words. 

 With all my heart 




  1. Wishing u happy marriage anniversary Apra:) Nice lines :)

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  3. Congrats again Aprajita, May the love last for a zillion years!!...Great writing!!