Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Navya"......our world around you !!!

Navya (Kinshu) our daughter... Our life our world. It was a wonderful feeling of being mom and dad. A baby adds the completeness to your life.

I Still remember the day when Navya came in our world. That tiny and shiny eyes were like eager to explore everything, that small feets were like ready to go miles and miles, soft palms were like most coziest place in this earth, her smiles were coming and going like two petals were opening and closing . Her sliky hair was like God tied a satin ribbon on her head as a crown. My sleeping beauty was looking like an angel who has come in our house to vanish all our pains and problems forever. I can still feel that coziness when I took her in my arms first time, I felt like my heart is full of love my breath is full of one word I felt am COMPLETE now.

Me and my husband (Nikunj) both are enjoying our parenthood, slowly she has become an important part of each and every decision of our lives. Our day & nights spends according to her schedules and timings.she surprised us many times like when first time she giggled,her first step,when she said first time mumma & papa, when she starded crawling,walking,talking.... With Navya everyday is like a new day coz you never know when ur child is going to surprise u..

Time flies crawling baby is now preschooler. I should thank to God He has given me such a wonderful daughter. Navya is calm,generous,emotional,mature,understanding,caring,intelligent,beautiful,cute and I think she is a perfect daughter whom every parents dream of.I am really Thankful to God for giving me such a cutie pie...

Every time we feel proud of her extraordinary activities in school and house.

There are so many incidents of Navya which touched my heart but I am remembering one now the most,when she was 2 yrs old and her papa went to USA first time after her birth. She asked me at one evening, where is papa? I want my papa.. I just replied he will come soon and my eyes became wet...she came and hugged me and said don't worry mumma..papa will come..u don't cry... I was so touched that my lil one is just 2yrs and she can sense my emotions and can console me too. I was so touched and amazed at the same time.

She is a growing kid now,full of excitement and innocence. My darling is so fascinated abt make up and beauty...she wants to become like a princess in future. She loves to dance and play inside the hut..she likes chicken and strawberry most. She hates sitting in the shopping cart, washing & combing hair and drinking milk in the glass. Her fav cartoons are Dora,Diego,Barbie,Barney and many more....her fav time pass playing wid her papa and ipad...funny thing is she wants mumma in the night and papa in the morning :) all time fav color is pink and for a change she likes purple too. She is not a fast runner but she is too gud in brain builder activities and creativity. Her fav puppy is her papa whom she loves & cares a lot :)

She dislikes mumma when She forced her to eat food,she likes papa when he allows her to jump & slide upon him,she dislikes papa when he not buy the things what she wants in the shops, she likes mumma when she put her fav lipsticks and nail paints, she dislikes mumma when she not allowed her to wear her fav clothes,she likes papa when he gives chocolates and candies without asking. She dislikes papa when he doesn't allow her to explore his wallet,she likes mumma when she gives her dupatta for playing......oh my cuppy cake ...ur these innocence freshen up our lives everyday.Your simple and cute smile takes our pain away.

My sweety whenever u will read this in future definitely u will be amused by all. me and ur papa always be proud of u. You are apple of our eyes. We know u will fulfill all your dreams. We are always wid you as a friend and as a parent both. You are the best dear.

I am writing when you are stepping into your 3rd year next month. May God bless you with all the happiness and good health.

Love you honey.

Mumma & Papa